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How You Can Help Your Son On The Fly


This morning, I received a call from a friend outside of Texas who was wanting to help his son find out more about the role of the chloroplast in Photosynthesis. The son is taking his Final in Biology today in the afternoon. I thought, maybe he is not the only parent in this scenario. Do the following: when you open the Virtual Science University page, there is a little search box under the box labeled pricing. Type in "Chloroplast". Hit enter. It will now give you a list of the lectures where I am talking about the chloroplast. Browse thru all links. Again you will see the link labeled 15. The Energy Relationship Between Plants & Animals 1 Hit the view lesson link. Now as you open the lesson, there is a listing of "Topics" on the right side. Now scroll down to the 7th topic link labeled, "Chloroplast". As you hit that link, the lecture on the chloroplast will open up and there you have your answer to help your Son understand the role of the chloroplast in photosynthesis. Use the same strategy to look up biological concepts covered in the VSU lectures. If you are not a VSU subscriber, you may need to subscribe to be able to use this feature.