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What Is Briones MILC?


With my article on "Reaching Special Subgroup Populations Through Differentiated Methods" already posted on this blog and other sites like edutopia, some educators and intellectuals have been asking "What is Briones MILC and why was it formulated"? Of course Briones stands for my last name where the letters MILC represent Multiple Inputs Learning Concept. I will give basic information here and post interviews from youtube of professional researchers who basically thru their research support what I am doing with MILC. Later, you will get an article on the specifics of what I actually did in implementing MILC. In simple terms, it means the students ability to learn is based on multiple inputs on multiple preferences of learning which require multiple types of teaching strategies to reach these individual students. Today many students have the capacity to multi-task. For this reason it is important for the teacher to use the arts and emotion management in engaging the student. Everyone is endowed with multiple intelligences this is why I get very upset when some teachers make statements like, "That boy is so stupid! You are wasting your time trying to reach him!" Hello, he is not stupid. That boy probably has as many intellects or more than the teacher. He may need help with relationship management, social awareness, self-management, and self-awareness. For you to understand more, I am posting youtube videos from two professional researchers, I highly respect, Howard Gardner Ph. D. author of the "Multiple Intelligence Theory" and Daniel Goleman Ph. D. author of "Emotional Intelligences". Howard Gardner Ph. D. Daniel Goleman Ph. D.