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Higher Science TAKS Scores = Better School Ratings!

Do your teachers need additional teaching tools to help students grasp Science? Are students taking their state mandated standardized test multiple times before passing?

TAKS Preparation for Schools
Benefits of VSU's Learning Program

Science is a difficult subject to master and tough to teach. VSU's unique learning program:

  • Solves the problem of lack of student attentiveness, boredom, and behavioral issues
  • Helps students with learning challenges, improving scores for all learning levels
  • Allows teachers to understand where each student is their mastery of each topic
  • Reduces teacher preparation time and the need to address different learning levels

VSU is the only online program with a full year of Biology classes aligned with key science objectives.

Music, Visual Aids, Hands On Examples

Have you ever heard a song in the morning that you continued to hum all day? Adding our original Science songs to our lessons mimics the same phenomenon.

  • Music has been shown to increase retention up to five times more than just using textbooks
  • Our videos are fun and engaging - our motivational approach will get them excited about learning
  • "Important Information" tags prompt students to note highly testable information.
Aid For Students with Learning Challenges

Our program has been proven to help students that require modifications:

  • Beneficial for ESL, IEPs, Re-testers/Credit Recovery, Summer School, and Alternative Schools.
  • Teachers can replay the videos as many times as necessary.
  • Online availability, allows students to learn at a pace that they prefer.
  • High quality slides make presenting difficult material easier.

Our Program Is Proven

  • Rivera High School reported improvement for Exit Level, Juniors and Sophomore standardized test takers
  • Five weeks after using our science prep program, Kermit High School's scores improved by 17%
  • Other schools have begun using VSU's program... Ector County ISD Virtual High School, Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD, West-Orange Stark High School, Andrews High School.
  • Students tell us our program motivates them to improve!

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