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Thinking about TAKS – Day 1 With Retesters


Today was actually the first day of instruction, since yesterday was more of an introduction to what I expect from them. Today, I received part of the analysis of the Science Scores on the MOCK TAKS Test we took last week. I also received the TAKS scores for the Senior Re-Testers that I have in class. In class, I basically followed the sequence I have on Lecture Three on Environmental Stewardship... I sang "I Am, I Am the Great Rio Grande", and "Are You Gonna Sit Around and Do Nothing".

The students loved the songs and they want me to sing them again tomorrow. The initial TEKS where there are weaknesses are 1B on Stewardship, 6A and 6B on Cell Structure and on DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis. I will have more weaknesses on other TEKS tomorrow. I will finish up my lecture on Environmental Stewardship tomorrow, sing the songs again, and give the Post Test over the Lecture. The students had a blast since they went with me from bell to bell and I did not get any complaints. One student mentioned, "I learned more chemistry today that what I've learned in Six Weeks in Chemistry."

So far, I am impressed with my new group of students and am pushing for 100% passing rate from this group.

Paul O. Briones