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Texas Biology Teachers, Did You Know?


Texas Biology Teachers, did you know that any Special Needs Biology Teacher can do a DMAC Analysis of your January Bench Mark Scores in regards to how their students have mastered each individual Texas Biology TEK Objective? DMAC in short stands for Data Management for Assessment and Curriculum in Texas Schools. When I was in West Texas teaching for Kermit High School, I was paying attention to these analysis figures and it paid off at the end when I had nearly 100% passing with my Senior Science TAKS Re-Testers and a HUGE INCREASE in Exit Science TAKS Scores with my Special Needs Students. I think DMAC Solutions is out of ESC Region 7. I am not endorsing this software just commenting on how powerful this program is. You couple DMAC Analysis with Virtual Science University and you're a winner! With the STAAR End of Course Exam in Biology right around the corner, you can cannot afford to waste time! This allows your students to go back and review all the units they did not understand up to now. I know Texas Biology Teachers DO NOT HAVE THE TIME to go back and cover units that were not understood. The Clock is ticking! Don't Wait or Hesitate! It will give your students a higher score on the test and will assure your school of higher ratings from TEA! Go to our homepage to get subscribed now! A week from today, I will elaborate more on this subject!