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What is Wrong With Biology Education in Texas


When I was in high school, I was bored because all I heard in 90% of my classes was a grueling monotone lecture for 55 minutes. Half of the time, I was daydreaming. In the early 80's when I started teaching Biology at MOJO the Friday Night Lights school, I made myself a promise that I was not going to do this to my students. I would tell them to read the Chapter at Home and then we would do labs over the topics being studied. To make the long story short, my students got into the learning that they help me and four other Biology Teachers build a Botanical Garden out in the Courtyard and to this day is certified as a National Wildlife Schoolyard Habitat. When I left in 1998, it received the winner of the Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence. Students that I had during this time are in the thick of fighting for Environmental Equity in their respective professions with some of them being environmentalists, practicing medical physicians, allied health professionals, and lawyers. Today, students should be doing the reading and the lecture for the topic being studied at home on a computer and then come back to school and do hands on projects at school. For those of us in science education, we call those activities Kinesthetic activities. This is one of the reasons why I created Virtual Science University. This way, students could do the lectures online at home and come to class and give the teacher the opportunity to really teach by being a facilitator of learning in the classroom doing the hands on activity. I know that schools that are being productive today are doing this because George Lucas from eduTopia agrees with me!!! For help with this, remember I am a Science Consultant and you can reach me at this website at 1-877-920-5550! Have an awesome Teacher Appreciation Day!