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Is STAAR Making You Apprehensive?


Yesterday I met some parents who were apprehensive about STAAR preparation and the way STAAR is going to be use to determine a student's final grade in subjects such as Biology and Math. Parents, teachers, and students who have concerns about the administration of the STAAR Test need to address those concerns to the Texas Education Agency and to the Texas State Board of Education. Unless you are wanting major changes to how STAAR scores are going to be used across the state then submit your concerns to your Texas State Representative and your Texas Senate Representative. The link to the Texas Education Agency TEA is: State Board of Education Members all have a link on the TEA site. The link to your Texas State Representative is: The link to the Texas State Senate is: These are the links to the offices of the Texas state government that are in position to make policy changes about STAAR. If your child is apprehensive about the STAAR End of Course Exam in Biology, all he/she has to do is subscribe to our site Virtual Science University. Our lectures are a comprehensive review for the STAAR End of Course Exam in Biology. We have an Initiative In Biology that will prepare any student taking Biology in any state be ready for their state's aptitude End of Course Exam. To learn more about the Biology Initiative, visit us at

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