Virtual Science University

"The music and songs have made us more interested in learning about Science..."
- A.R., Student

"It takes me awhile to understand things, but with your DVDs, I did well. I have learned a lot with your videos and songs. The songs were really fun to sing to."
- J.R., Student

"With so many Science teachers moving in and out, it really affected the way I understand Science. As we started to watch your videos and hear your songs, I then started to understand it."
- A.M., Student

"The music was a lot of help. Making our lessons into songs was a good way to help us learn. It keeps all the information we learned in our heads. Everyone loves music. The beats and songs were entertaining and the songs stayed in your head."
- D.D., Student

"I really learned a lot from all of the DVDs and enjoyed them. Your DVDs are great and they are educational and the songs are good too. The songs show us what we need to know and it' s a way for us to remember them. I think your way of teaching is GREAT!"
- C.A., Student

"We have learned so much this semester that I couldn' t even imagine what it would have been like without the videos. Biology can be very hard to learn at some points, but with your songs and your videos it was really EASY."
- R.A., Student


Ever feel like you are on an endless search for tools to help your students learn? Our video course takes Science to another level, helping students score higher on their tests!

  • Fun and educational
  • Easy to use enhancement tool... lessons, student notes, and tests included
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Do your Science teachers want a proven standardized science test prep and review program? VSU offers a full year of online Biology classes-based on national standards.

  • Science scores in 2009 and 2010 improved dramatically at schools using VSU
  • Beneficial for all learning levels, including AP, ESL, and struggling learners
  • Students love the music - it keeps them engaged in learning
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Do you want to do better in Science? With VSU's videos, low grades will be history!

  • Professor Paul's songs help you learn the hard stuff
  • The easy to read notes are great to study with
  • It's better than just reading your textbook
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What our customers think about VSU

The music is an innovative way to help students learn in the classroom. I was impressed by the way students reacted to it. — Victor Tarin, Principal
This program has exactly what we need. Our school jumped to a Recognized status due to the increase in our Science scores. The videos were a huge help to our school - our Exit Level/Re-testers had a 30 point increase in scores! — Carlos Chavez, Simon Rivera High School
When I watched your videos and heard the songs, I started to understand it. You showed us that Science doesn't always have to be boring. — Albert Moreno, Student