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Science Hasn't Changed... The Way To Learn It Has!

Spending countless hours searching for ways to help students get a better grasp on Science class?

We can help. Our music-based video lessons capture the attention of your students. And, when it comes to test time...they will score higher!

TAKS for Teachers
Does Our Program Work?

The proof is in the results...

  • Simon Rivera High School reported a 30 point increase among Exit Level/Re-testers in May 2009
  • West-Orange ISD, Round Rock ISD, and Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD added the program and expect great results.
  • Kermit High School announced a 100% passing rate for the October 2009 Senior Re-test.
Our Sciecne Curriculum

Our program is based on:

  • The experience of 30-year teaching veteran, "Professor" Paul Briones and Dr. A.T. Carrasco
  • The Multiple Intelligences Theory - promotes using music, visual aids, and hands on examples
  • Giving teachers all they need to teach - lesson plans, student notes, class exercises, and tests
For the Classroom, At Home, or Tutoring

This program is a great "add-on" to your textbook curriculum!

  • Give the Pre-Test to assess students' knowledge of the subject area
  • Hand out the lecture notes (PowerPoint slides) to students
  • Present the lecture using our PowerPoint lecture slides
  • Show the DVD, noting information labeled "Important Information" segments
  • Do the lab experiment or homework/exercises for the lesson
  • Give the Post-Test – students scoring less than 85 should view the video again

Does your school require or encourage you to obtain your Science certification? VSU's learning program contains information you will be tested on. Use it to help achieve success on the exam.

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