Virtual Science University


Science Class Can Be Conquered!

Bummed because you want to do better in Science? Worried about passing High School exams or scoring higher on College entrance exams? Are you taking medical courses in hopes of a medical career?

Virtual Science University is your answer. Our science learning program isn't boring like a textbook... it's fun! You'll learn Science while singing rap and Hip Hop songs with Professor Paul. Not any old rap songs, but science songs like "The Bones Rap" or "Chiki Riki Riki Rum Bom Bom".

Say goodbye to low test grades and hello to VSU!


That's how Professor Paul greets you in one of our virtual classes. The bell just rang and Professor Paul is trying to get your attention. He's trying to help you learn science...not the old way...the VSU way. Click on our sample video on our home page or preview one of the other lessons. Bad Science grades will be history!

TAKS Preparation for Students

VSU Rocks

Take a look at one of Professor Paul's lectures... "Cell Structure" or something really hard like "Mendelian Genetics". It's easy to learn... the way we teach it. Here's what you need to do:

  • Click on "View A Lesson" on our website – if you like it, ask your parents to watch it
  • Talk to your parents about a monthly subscription for 24/7 access or order the videos
  • Go to the lesson you need and print out the pre-test.
  • Take the pre-test
  • Print out the PowerPoint presentation, watch the video, jotting down your own notes
  • Take the post-test. Score below an 85? Watch the video again until you score above an 85.
  • Watch it with your friends - group study time - AWESOME!

Let Professor Paul know what you think or ask him a question about a lesson or Science topic. It's easy - email or reply to the blog on our site. Have a video or Science song you want to share... let us know and you could be featured on our site.

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