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Frequently Asked Questions

Watch Biology Classes Online


Viewing the Videos

I can't see the video, what's wrong?

If do not see a video box, you more than likely need to do one or more of the following:

  1. Download the most current Flash player -,
  2. Talk to your IT Department to unblock access to Some schools and businesses block access to flash based video websites - ex. Your IT Department will be able to unblock access,
  3. Check your firewall; it may be blocking access to the videos.

Why does my video look choppy and/or keep cutting out/stopping?

The quality of a broadcast depends on many factors, including the type of equipment used, the stability of the internet connection, the upload speed, etc. These factors are all controlled by you and not within our control. A majority of problems experienced are based on low bandwidth or local internet issues. If viewing from a school, ask your IT department for help.

How can I watch the video in the Full Screen Mode?

In order to watch the video in the full screen mode, just click on the square shaped icon next to the volume control and time stamp in the video player ---- time bar

Purchasing a Subscription

How do I purchase a monthly subscription to VSU?

If you wish to purchase a VSU subscription, just go to select the plan that best suites your needs. After you select the plan, just fill in the information and submit.

What is the difference between signing up for a subscription and buying the DVD?

For both the DVD and the subscription, you receive the lesson, and any slides and tests associated with that specific lesson. The biggest benefit you receive from purchasing an online subscription is that you will have access to any future tests, slides, labs, classroom exercises and any other additions and updates that are made to that particular lesson.

Another added benefit is that when you purchase an online subscription, you will be able to go directly to a particular topic of a lesson without having to sit through the whole DVD trying to find that one topic you want to review. For example, if you wanted to just view the topic of "Fire Safety", all you have to do is select the "Fire Safety" link located in the Topics section, located to the right of the video box. Once you select that particular topic, the video will start at that topic. Below is a picture of one of the lesson pages from the online subscription.

lesson pic

Purchasing a DVD

How do I purchase a DVD, and what do I get with my purchase?

If you wish to purchase VSU on DVD, just go to select the lessons you want to purchase. You may also buy the complete set of 25 DVD's, which is a full year of Biology classes.

*** Every lesson comes with two discs. The first disc is the lesson on DVD and the second disc is a CD that contains the PowerPoint lesson slides and Pre & Post tests.

Canceling your Subscription

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

If you wish to cancel your subscription please contact us at Your account will be closed at the end of that month's billing cycle.

If your question was not answered, please email us at -