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Attacking the TAKS!


Professor Paul is covering the following topics this week in Anatomy and Physiology, Senior TAKS and Chemistry.

Anatomy and Physiology TEKS: 10A and 10B
In A & P, we will be studying the Systematic and Pulmonary Circulation of blood. We will cut the Cat’s heart into four parts, with the Atrium and Ventricle showing up distinctly. Students should be able to trace the movement of blood through the Heart and at least 15 of the main arteries and veins. We will be watching VSU’s Lecture 22 on the Circulatory and Respiratory Systems with the debut of “Pump it Up!”

Senior TAKS: TEK B6
We will take the Pre-test for DNA and Protein Synthesis. We will make models of DNA Replication and replicate the model of Protein Synthesis shown on VSU’s Lectures on DNA and Protein Synthesis. We will watch VSU’s Lesson on Structure of DNA and RNA and Lesson 13 on Protein Synthesis. We will sing the DNA song, “Together They Make DNA...”

Chemistry TEKS 4D and 4E
We will learn how the position of an element on the Periodic Table determines the valence electrons and configuration for each element. We will also study oxidation-reduction reactions and electrochemical reactions.