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What is the status of Science Education...How Can We Help Rural America?


We have a powerful program ready to empower rural communities across the United States. In October of this year, Dr. Carrasco and I went to our little town in West Texas outside of Big Bend National Park & Big Bend State Park, Redford, Texas. This little rural town is the poorest town in the entire United States! It is where my Dad and Doc's Mom were born and raised. This little town along with its neighbor Shafter 30 miles north are not even listed in the City-Data Forum. These two little towns have been forgotten and live as if they do not exist!!! I had tears in my eyes! The elementary school where my Dad attended in 1917, abandoned, collecting dust! No library or Post Office anywhere! The nearest school is 15 miles away in Presidio, Texas. The thought came to mind. "What will happen to those young people that live in Redford that may not have a computer or cell phone and they need to do a research project on the foundations of Biology dealing with Human Anatomy?" I came back to San Antonio and went to work! I wrote another book, "Laboratory Principles of Basic Biology." I also put all Power Point Slides, Pre/Post Tests and Lab Lessons into a bigger book called Biology 24/7. We have all the lessons ready to go! As I was doing this, I received good news that an anonymous student enrolled with Virtual Science University had gone thru all 26 lessons on-line, had studied the Power Point Slides carefully, had taken all 26 post tests and scored above a 90 on each of the 26 Post Tests. He then went to his university of choice and signed up to take tests to earn credit for Biology and Anatomy & Physiology. The end result, he obtained 8 hours credit of General Biology and 8 hours credit of Anatomy & Physiology!!! This story confirms that this program will powerfully impact students across Rural United States of America. Here is what I want! I want to put three sets of Virtual Science University DVDs into every rural county library across the country along with every rural school district across the United States of America!!! I want to have a learning center in every rural area of the United States with a network of computers being available 24-7 to every individual willing to prepare for the basics of Biology so that they can go into an Allied Health Career Program or enter a Pre-Med Program at the college level! I am looking at my traffic sheets for the last week and month, and the majority is coming from Canada, China, Norway, Ukraine, Thailand, Australia, and South Africa. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA what is happening??? If you don't jump and get on-board, YOU ARE GOING TO BE LEFT BEHIND!!! There is an education mandate called "NO CHILD BEHIND"! The reality here in Texas, almost 50 percent of the students in science education have BEEN LEFT BEHIND! THIS IS A HORRENDOUS TRAGEDY!!! Many that have been LEFT BEHIND are in the Metropolitan areas of Houston and Dallas and rural areas in far West Texas, the Permian Basin, East Texas, the Hill Country, and Central Panhandle. This is why we are ranked 27th in High School Science Education across the the world. The human capital of our society that will invent the modern gadgets of the future and will come up with the cures for Cancer, Heart Disease and Aids are sitting in the todays's high school and college classrooms of the world. They are sitting behind their computers at home. Some may be taking courses on-line . If we don't respond to the educational needs of our children right now and keep this trend happening of lagging in Science Education, then our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be SECOND CLASS CITIZENS twenty years from now. I remember reading an article published by NOAA back in 1996 and reading from climate scientists indicating serious climate changes around 2012. They were talking about serious snow storms, floods, tornadoes, and other extreme weather! Guess what? It happened last year and happening now! We have to be PROACTIVE not REACTIVE!!! The Present is the beginning of Your Future! Act Now and Subscribe to and be COLLEGE READY!!! Philanthropists you're time to act and help RURAL AMERICA IS NOW!!! I am a Science Education Biology Consultant and I am ready to go anywhere in the United States to help implement my Science Education Program, Virtual Science University!