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Have An Awesome 2014-2015 School Year


Good evening, here I am following up on the upcoming academic year and encouraging all to kick it and excel during 2014-2015! I am still working in West Texas for my Alma Mater, Kermit High School. I will be posting lesson plans for Forensic Science, Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, and IPC. All lesson plans will be posted on my personal science teaching page for Kermit High School at I will also be blogging often to Be on the look out, because I will be posting Lesson Plans that are PBL based which truly work. These lesson plans work great for beginning teachers in Texas where many students are dealing with the STRESS of the EOC in Biology! For me the EOC in Biology is not difficult because I knew seven years ago this was coming down the pipeline and I planned for it by co-creating Virtual Science University. I am now looking forward to having my lectures being carried by a famous app in the future! Stay tuned for this awesome future event! Visit this blog often! Have an awesome academic year! For those Texas Biology Teachers who are dealing with the STRESS of the EOC, right now is the time to get all of your students subscribed to Virtual Science University for the entire year! You will not regret it! At my new school, I have a Smart Board and all kinds of gadgets where I will be able to integrate the projection of my lectures with LIVE MUSIC like never before heard in any of the Virtual Science University Lectures. I will be posting my LIVE Presentations from KHS on my Personal Science Teaching Website ReverbNation Website and You Tube! So stay tuned!