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Reviewing for STAAR End of Course in Biology


Texas Biology High School students, if you are wondering how to use the Virtual Science University on-line biology course for STAAR End of Course Exam in Biology, here is the strategy for review. All of the twenty five lectures that are posted on our site, will get you ready for the STAAR End of Course Exam in Biology! Take the Pre-Test first. If you score below an 85 on the Multiple Choice Pre-Test, then print the the Power Point Slides. Get you a hi-liter. All the information that is listed as important information or in yellow in the lecture screen, then hi-lite it. Print out also the "Lesson In the Lyric". This is the song associated with the lecture. Learn the song and sing along during the lecture. Take your time listening to the lecture and hi-liting important information. Remember you are on-line. You are on your own time. Take time to internalize the information. At the end, take the Post Test. Score an 85, you are in the pocket. Want to make it group study time, invite your friends over, turn the lecture on and have a good time singing the songs and learning together. It will move you swiftly along and now there is no more stress! Good Luck and keep up your positive spirit!"