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Attacking the TAKS Week 2


Anatomy and Physiology: TEKS 10A and 10B
This week we will be studying Systolic and Diastolic Pressure. We will take several blood pressure readings using a Stethoscope and Spymanometer. First, we will take resting heart rate and blood pressure readings. Then, we will climb stairs, once, twice, three times, and take blood pressure readings afterwards and heart rates. We will do likewise fast walking thru the halls of KHS. For more information on how to use Digital Heart Monitors view, the Circulatory System lesson at

Senior Science TAKS: TEK 6D
This week we will be studying Mendelian Genetics. We will do Monohybrid and Dihybrid Crosses. On Friday, we will take our Post Test. The Mendelian Genetics Lecture will be done live. For more info, visit

Chemistry: TEK 10 Science Concepts – the student knows common oxidation-reduction reactions.