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Attacking the TAKS - Week 3


Anatomy & Physiology: TEKS 10A and 10B
We will be studying the Systemic and Pulmonary circulation of blood. We will cut the Cat's Heart in fours, with the Atriums and Ventricles showing up distinctly. Students should be able to trace the movement of blood thru the four chambers of the Cat's Heart and the arteries and veins listed in the handouts. Before tracing the blood thru the heart, students will have to prepare the Cat to have its ribs removed carefully without destroying the lungs or the heart. For more help visit the following link:

Senior Science TAKS: TEK 9B
This week we will be studying the energy relationship between plants and animals. We will be viewing VSU's Lecture 15 on the Energy Relationship. On Friday, we will be taking the Post-test over this unit. Remember our goal is to have all of our Seniors pass the Re-test on March 5th.

Chemistry: TEK 11A, 11B, and 11C
This week we will work on Balancing Equations. We will see how specific reactions produce energy. We will look mostly at equations that have molecules which have polarity and covalent bonds. We will use the VSEPR Theory to understand the molecular configurations of these molecules to balance these equations. For more on this, visit webassign at:

Realize that these equations on paper are linear but in reality, they are three and four dimensional. This topic is difficult and contains alot of abstract concepts and it will require all of the students’ attention and focus.

The instruction and delivery of the lessons is based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory. The lessons will have Kinesthetic, Visual, and Auditory Components.