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Most school districts in Texas are in the middle of their third week of instruction and probably three weeks away from their first progress benchmark. In many school districts STAAR Evaluation are given every Six Weeks. If your school fits that norm, that now is the time to get your students subscribed to Virtual Science University. In the past Texas School Districts who have used Virtual Science University have had increases of sometime 30% or more on their Science Exit TAKS Test. To see how powerful this program works with Special Subgroup Populations, visit our blog entitled, "Reaching Special Subgroup Populations Through Differentiated Methods". Virtual Science University (VSU) covers all of the new Biology TEKS formulated in 2010 and the National Science Education Standards. With VSU, school districts should be able to school score high on their End of Course Exam in Biology. What are you waiting for? NOW IS THE TIME to become proactive and not wait six weeks before STAAR Testing to start preparing your students. For districts that may want an orientation into how this program works, they can call our central office and bring "Professor" Paul O. Briones out into their campus. Any questions you may have on how our program works, feel free to call our central office in the San Antonio Medical Complex 1-877-920-5550.