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"But once we realize that people have very different kinds of minds, different kinds of strengths -- some people are good in thinking spatially, some in thinking language, others are very logical, other people need to be hands on and explore actively and try things out -- then education, which treats everybody the same way, is actually the most unfair education." Using the above quote from Doctor Howard Gardner and using what we already know about the Multiple Intelligence Theory, gives fundamental reasons as to why the traditional methods of teaching science, (lecture, lab, review, test) don't work! I am not saying to stop lecturing, doing labs, and giving tests. I am talking about individually allowing the student to watch the lecture on his/her own time online, and then give him/her the opportunity to internalize the information in class and approach the information from the lecture from their intellectual strengths either spatially, musically, kinesthetically, logically, or linguistically. Allowing them to use these intellectual strengths produces awesome results! Here is another concern. As a teacher you cannot teach the Scientific Method which I now have given it a modern name, "THE PHAT CAC", in one week!!! In every lab that you conduct through the entire year, you have to lay out your experiment format in form of the PHAT CAC. P=Problem, H=Hypothesis, A=Arrange Equipment, T=Test the hypothesis, C=Collect the data, A=Analyze the data, C=Conclude your findings. If you roll out my PHAT CAC Song, which is a dance r & b, hip-hop song, the students will be singing it all year long as they conduct their experiments. If you want to see students really grow in science education, try this approach! You can visit this song, at my preview site: . You will never regret it! For more info, visit my and subscribe to lecture three: Environmental Stewardship and Scientific Analysis.