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Texas Biology Teachers you are reviewing for STAAR & TAKS. STAAR readiness or Texas End of Course Exam Review in Biology is in full gear across the state. All of the new Texas Biology TEKS are included in all of the Virtual Science University (VSU) Lectures. "Professor" Paul O. Briones has taken the time to review all the new Texas Biology TEKS and make sure that they are covered in all of the 26 VSU Lectures. Texas and California Biology Teachers you are also under so much strain with your state pinching pennies and cutting programs. Looking at the NESS curriculum sequence, we figure many of you are probably studying Taxonomy, Micro-Organisms, and Protozoa. It does not matter where you are with your curriculum sequence, with VSU, you can send your slower kids to our site and watch all the lessons that they need without worrying about time. Subscription rates are affordable and flexible. Note: You can also view this Blog at