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STAAR IS Right Around the Corner


Hello!!!! "Professor" Paul O. Briones is back again! The Texas STAAR End of Course Exam in Biology is right around the corner. For some, it may be as soon as tomorrow. I've not had much time to put posts on this blog since I've been working away from the San Antonio area at Kermit High School, part of Kermit ISD in West Texas. We have done well on our EOC and Biology Benchmarks and we are just waiting for tomorrow to arrive. I just want to share four steps in taking a multiple choice apptitude test. I think this strategy can help many who will be taking the STAAR sometime this week or next week. Here is the link for you to access: Paste the previous address to your browser. This is a youtube video that is very helpful. Also make sure to tell your students to get a good night sleep before the test, at least 8 hours of solid sleep. Also tell your students to get a good breakfast in the morning before they take the test. These two variables go a long way in helping a student do well on an apptitude test. I hope all of you have an awesome end to the 2013-2014 academic year! Good luck with your Biology STAAR End of Course Exam! I've had one of the best years of my entire teaching career. Take Care and Keep in Touch! "Professor" Paul O. Briones