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Organization and Cell Structure


Today, since we had short periods, we organized the students' Journals. I require that all my students keep a Journal and a three ring Binder. Every assignment is entered by date and page number in the Journal and any handouts I provive, the students put them in a three ring binder chronologically. They turn them in and I keep the Journal and Notebook so they will not lose them. The day before any Test, they take their Review Study Guides home and turn them back in before they take their Test. This helps the students stay organized and me too.
We finished the lecture on Cell Function and Permeability and took the Post Test. In my first period class, there was a gain of 70 points from Pre-Test to Post-Test Scores. In Fifth Period, there was an average gain of 80 points between Pre-and-Post Test Scores. Overall, I was very impressed with my students' effort.