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You Have Your First Six Weeks Benchmark Results?


I think by now most of you have received your First Six Weeks Biology Benchmark Results. I am assuming you are on a Six Weeks Track. Most people should be on the second week of the Second Six Weeks. If you have students who experienced problems with The Scientific Method, Chemical Elements, Enzymes, Organic Compounds and Cell Structure, have tell subscribe to Virtual Science University and tell them to carefully print out their Power Points Slides for Lectures Three, Four, and Five. For Tutorials, have them go no more than half way thru each lecture at one sitting. Make sure they are hi-lighting important information I have programed in a yellow zig-zag at the bottom of each Power Point Slide as I am conducting the lecture. Make sure they pass Lecture Three Post Test before you allow them to go to Lecture Four on BioChemistry and so forth. Keep them focused with a College Notepad Journal where they log what lecture they have done, the Power Point Slides completed and which Post Tests they have completed and what scores they obtained. If you stay on them now, and keep them subscribed throughout the year, success will come around when the STAAR End of Course Exam is administered in late April.