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It's Time to Look Back and Give Thanks!!!


This is a special day for me because forty eight years ago today when our 35th President was assassinated in Dallas, I made up my mind as a nine year little boy that one day I would be a teacher, a doctor, or an FBI Agent. I was dreaming big. But part of my dream has come true! I vowed that I would one day find out who had done this terrible ordeal! As you all can see, I did not become an FBI Agent but I became a Biology Teacher and now affiliated with the medical profession. I did two research papers on the assassination when I was in high school. In my Junior Research Paper on the Assassination of President Kennedy, I received a real high grade and comments that made me become who I now am. Thank You Ms. Jane Franks if you are still alive!!! Ms. Franks, Mr. Bill Jolley my high school Biology Teacher, Mr. Juan Portillo my third grade elementary teacher, and my high school coach Roy Marin are all responsible for making me who I now am along with my parents Cosme and Josefa Briones and my two brothers, Tomas and Carlos and four sisters, Marcela, Alicia, Delma and Angie. Sometimes in our professionalism, we forget where we came from and who molded us! In this season of Thanksgiving, it is only proper that we give credit where credit is due! How can I forget Edwin B. Kurtz Ph.D., Doug Spence Ph.D., John Boelter Ph. D., Don Allen, Ph.D., Dan Womochel Ph.D., and John E. Hurne Ph.D. These Professors formed me and allowed me to take ownership of my Biological and Educational Knowledge! How can I forget my true friend and colleague Arnulfo Tarin Carrasco M.D.! Thank you Doctor Carrasco for allowing my dream of incorporating my Biological Knowledge with my love of Contemporary Music! Doctor Carrasco, you have taught me to stay focus with my work and not allow the noise around me to drown out my creativity!!! Thank you for being such an awesome friend and business associate!!! Blessings to everyone in the Science Education World! Happy Thanksgiving Every One!!!