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Closing The Achievement GAP


The numbers are horrendous with those students who are being left behind here in Southwest especially in the big metropolitan areas in Texas. We have the resources here in Texas to get this done. When it comes to Science and especially Biological Science Education the resource is here at Virtual Science University, with yours truly, "Professor" Paul O. Briones. This program closed the GAP at my alma mater and has helped to do so in 15 other school districts in Texas. At my Alma Mater, I insisted in getting all students that were not functioning at grade level, to have a one on one conference with the student, the parents, the administration, and the individual teachers. We kept track with all students who were not functioning at grade level with a big strategic board where all the four core department chairs and the principal could come during their coordinating periods, post updates on the progress of those students that were on the radar screen, and help with making sure the student had all the necessary resources to succeed. Where this was done, the improvement sky rocketed and within months, the child was functioning at grade level. A school that is using almost the same exact template with great success is in Toronto, Canada. I will include the link here to make my point. For those school districts who are interested in getting this done, you have me as your consultant that will inservice your teachers and administration on how to get this done. This process is extensive and requires the cooperation of the entire school district including parents and administration, but in the long haul, it will narrow the Achievement GAP. Here is the link to the school that supports my point of view about how to narrow the achievement GAP: