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Yea, We're Back Standing Strong


"YEA WE'RE BACK STANDING STRONG! We're the number one school, right where we belong, On Top, We refuse to be STOPPED! It's...." I will let you figure out the rest. This is the beginning lyric of a song with Hip-Hop format that I've re-written to get young people fired up about STAAR and not worry about the test but have confidence! As I have mentioned earlier and continue to mention, Virtual Science University is the place to come to review and prepare for the STAAR End of Course Exam in Biology. This is a complete Biology Course on-line. This is not the traditional review course and that is why many administrators, science coordinators, and science teachers refuse to accept this website. As I mentioned to state directors and legislators, many people in Texas are interested in keeping the status quo and just waiting for retirement when OUR FUTURE IS SITTING IN THEIR CLASSROOMS! It is so sad that people all over the world are visiting this site by the thousands while our own biology teachers, administrators, and students of biology are sitting around with their arms folded! This is why we are ranked 37th in the nation in Science Education because people want to teach the traditional way and could care less that students today don't learn the way they use to in the 90's! It comes back to my slogan, "BIOLOGY HAS NOT CHANGED, THE WAY YOU LEARN IT HAS!!!"