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The clock is now clicking in preparation for the STAAR End of Course Exam in Biology! What are you waiting for? Now is the time to subscribe to Virtual Science University and hit all the 2010 Texas Biology TEKS you are not understanding. On the page where the lessons are listed, below is a description of each lesson. Under the description of each lesson are listed the TEKS the lessons covers. Also on the right side of each lesson, are all the concepts covered on this lesson. For example if you are not understanding "Pulmonary Circulation" under the Circulatory System, on the right side click on "Pulmonary Circulation" and it will take you straight to this concept on the lecture being covered. Students, subscribe now! You will not be disappointed! Parents, get your children subscribed! Teachers, this site will help you give your students a "STAAR Boot Camp Review" in preparation for the STAAR Test! At the end, let me exhort you, DON'T CHEAT ON THE STAAR TEST! IT WILL COST YOU AND YOUR SCHOOL PLENTY! PREPARE NOW AND DON'T GET NERVOUS!