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With opening of school around the corner and with Texas School Districts pinching pennies to get by, it is important, that you as a Biology Science Teacher efficiently use your time and resources. YOU CAN EMPOWER YOUR YOUNG PEOPLE BY PLANNING IN ADVANCE! The last couple of years that I was at Kermit High School, I used my time and my resources efficiently by using my Virtual Science University (VSU) Program along with C-Scope to lay out my instructional strategy. I as the author of VSU have been astounded by how well this program worked at KHS especially with students that are usually at the At-Risk and Gifted and Talented Spectrums. What Virtual Science University does is acknowledges the giftedness of the Rhythmic-Musical Intellect of the Multiple Intelligence Model developed by Howard Gardner Ph. D. from Project Zero at Harvard University. Many students who fit this mode excel with this approach. In this Blog on a weekly basis, I will follow the sequence laid out by TEA for teachers teaching Biology in Texas Public Schools. For those of you who are under the C-Scope mandate from your district, I will show you thru this Blog how to use my VSU Program to empower your C-Scope Curriculum. Last year at Kermit High School, I had astounding results using this approach. On top of this, I will be giving you hints on how to use certain songs to empower and motivate your students. Motivating your young people early is the key to your success. Good Luck on your planning for the new academic year of 2011-2012. It is vital that you subscribe as a teacher and school district to VSU to have astounding results the way I did at KHS in 2009-2010 and 2010-2011. Educational Service Center Science Coordinators, I will be happy to come to your region and in-service your Biology and Life Science Teachers in your area. Professor Paul O. Briones