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Are You Being Proactive With the Biology STAAR?


Right now that Christmas Break is starting, you can be proactive towards the Biology EOC STAAR Test by subscribing to Virtual Science University (VSU). After you subscribe, you can take the Pre-Test to a specific lecture. If you master the objective by a score of 85, you are able to move to the next objective. Parents and teachers can also monitor the progress of the student and determine where the student is with the mastery of the objective. If the student scores below an 85 on the Pre-Test, then the student should make a copy of the Power Point Slides and listen to the segments of the lecture and also do the other lesson activities. As the student listens to the lecture, he/she should hi-light the points being emphasized. Those content point should then be placed into a Briones-MILC Notes format. I will post a template of the Briones MILC Notes format in the next blog. The bottom line, the monthly fee you pay for subscribing per month, is nothing compared to the gains you will make. I now have ex-subscribers/on-line students from all over the world that used this VSU Program to excel in their nursing and other allied health programs in junior college and entry level biology university courses. What are you are you waiting for? Subscribe now.