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It is Time To Get Off Our Gluteus Maximus!!!


I did not have a chance yesterday to post something that is so important to this country maintaining its position worldwide among science and technology! Back in January of 2009, when we had just finished filming all of our Virtual Science University Lectures, among 15 year olds in this country, we were ranked globally 25th in Math and 21st in Science. If we don't get off our Gluteus Maximus, we are going to become a third world society in the future. We cannot continue to blame state and federal governments!!! Here is a link, so you can see the federal government is doing its part, to initiate innovation! People sit around and criticize this President and its policies and theirs are the ones that during the last thirty years have put this country in the position we are now in...the last United States President to address the National Academy of Sciences was President Jimmy Carter in the late 70's before President Barack Obama addressed the Academy on April 17, is the link to prove my point! We must teach Project Based Assignments if we are going to motivate our students to become engaged in higher levels of math and science. If you want to take the lead, subscribe now to